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I am addicted like eBay so much I'm going to sell a few items of clothing I have and see how it goes. I'd love to make a few extra bucks and I think I have a good eye for fashion and what sells. I'll experiment and see. Today I washed a couple unique things I have kept just because I like them, I no longer wear them, they're drying. Then a photo shoot, and boom! I'm a seller.  I studied a lot too. It made me feel really good and like this could be possible. Which is a vast improvement on my mood for the last week.

I had the thought in the back of my mind but this morning it was pushed it to the front of my brain when I was sitting quietly this morning with my coffee and the lights burst in my head and I thought: I'll have a store on Ebay!

Do you know how it landed there in my frontal lobe? I was watching International House Hunters on HGTV on either Thursday or Friday night, a show I really like because people are realizing a dream they have. It's like a travel and home decor show rolled in one, I think it's just brilliant.

There was a young woman from Park City, Utah marrying a guy from Italy and they were going to live in Italy, I forget the name of the city. She needed an office for her work, I didn't catch what she did. At the end, I realized she has some type of vintage clothing store online, probably Ebay, but who knows.

I'm clearly a person who needs to be self-employed, maybe this will help me get there. I have a passion for it, so that is a plus. My writing, is inferred or implied.

I barely went out all week, a few errands, watering my garden, but that's it.  I've been a real homebody, a body at home. I feel less stressed now that it's Saturday, isn't that silly. I'm no where near tired and drinking cheap wine, one of my favorite movies is on, 'In her Shoes.'

I'm seeing my Burning Man friend, da man, tomorrow for an in person chat and then seeing my friend from the last job. My sister wants to see me Monday, so I'll re-enter the world, -(put on make-up).

I wonder how many people are going to go to Google + and leave FB. Or do both. There is no way I want to do both. I don't do much online chat with FB friends and I don't do groups, the whole idea of being on the D-list of other so-called friends doesn't really do it for me. I don't bare my soul on FB. As far as privacy goes, I think Google would be the bigger threat since they are so uber.

That's all I got. Is anyone awake out there?
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