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I had to refile for unemployment and of course the payoff is based on last year's earnings which were very low, so what I receive after 15% taxes are taken out is tiny. 

Of course I'm paying for my own health care.

I took a big chunk of money from my IRA which doesn't leave much there.  I confess, I'm scared. Especially after they passed the bill yesterday tying the lowering of the debt ceiling to deficit reduction. More jobs are not going to come from this.

CA just implemented a new way of distributing UE benefits, last month. They send you a Bank of America debit card which they automatically load with your weekly benefit. The letter said the card would come three days within receiving the letter, but it has not. I called UE who told me to call BOA who said there is nothing they can do until I activate my card. When I mentioned the letter says the card will arrive within 1-3 days, the customer service person told me, that's just what UE is saying, no one is getting their card that fast.

It turns my stomach that CA is funneling our money through BOA. I bank with a smaller bank. I was wondering about the hassle of getting the money into my bank, apparently you can set something up with BOA to transfer it into your bank automatically. That's good, but BOA has millions of dollars a day to play with now. I'm sure it will take a day or two for the transfer to go through, which gives them more time with the unemployed's money.  Meanwhile, I wait for my debit card.

I wish the bill had failed yesterday. I think we need a big fail. Obama isn't standing up for us any longer. He could have stopped this nonesense from what I read. The debt ceiling did not have to be tied to deficit reduction. He simply gives in and in and in.

I'm really hoping a progressive third party candidate emerges. I have no faith in our Prez. Yes, he's better than a Republican, but not by much at this stage.

The ONE thing this country needs is jobs. And they aren't out there. The corporations are hiring temp workers to do their grunt work (like what I do) or outsourcing. Their enormous tax breaks do nothing to help the economy.

I need to seriously think about moving to a state where employment is possible. It scares and depresses me. I have a few months but then I need to make a decision and a plan.
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