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I've had an interesting and entertaining 5 days. Last weekend my cousin from Santa Monica called and said she was visiting friends NE of where I live and could swing down to visit on her way back. Her cousin lives nearby and was out of town but gave her his tickets for the Phillies/Giants game on Saturday afternoon.

That sounded all good, then it got better. She called from her friends' home in Grass Valley and they invited me up Wednesday, I could take the train and then she'd drive us back on Thursday. What we'd do on Wednesday is go swimming and sliding around waterfalls and rapids in the Yuba River.  Here are some pics from the web and here are some facts.

We were in the Sierra Nevada foothills where, as my cousin calls it, the mighty Yuba flows. This is where you want to be on a hot summer day. We hiked a short hike to the further end which is less populated and clothing optional, which is the only way to go and flow over small water falls, swirl around cool water eddies and drift along with the currents and sun ourselves on hot sloped flat rocks. Hmmm, I can still feel the warmth of the rock on my back. It's the kind of play that makes you laugh out loud, alot. It's a beautiful part of the state that has me thinking which is always good although it gets c-c-c-c-cold and snowy. It's quiet and small. Nevada City is very green and hippie drippy and a little bit more expensive.

Her friends were charming and we had a lovely night and morning and then came back to Oakland. Our first night I had at least 4!!! (small) martinis, at least 2 more than she did, I was just in that mode, I'm usually light weight, but maybe it was the car drive or something, but they were going down like buttah and we talked and talked and had yummy munchies. The next day we walked around da' town and went to my favorite restaurant that I take all my friends and family too, and we too closed the bar, like I did with my friend in April. They just don't like you to leave. It is the best bar. And that's because of the bartender, T____,  the best entertainer, story-teller, drink-maker, trash talking, never stop smiling expat from New Hampshire. I'll retell his stories some other post or at least describe him. He is a man's man.

The next day, Saturday, we were off to the game. To say my cuz is a Phillies & Eagles and all things Philly fan, besides her infinite love of all things sports is a gi-normous understatement. Decked in our jerseys we went to win the 3rd straight game from the World Series champs. Whoo hoo! It was fun. She is a spit fire. Because of the brawl of the night before when they hit my man, the flying Hawaiian, Shane Victorino (my man because I was wearing a jersey with his name on it and I was greeted like a Goddess, by jubilant, fist pumping, head nodding, song singing, hi-fiving proud Philly fans which served my need for attention quite satisfyingly). hee hee!

We learned there's a Philly bar nearby, called Nova which was fun to hang at. My cuz had friends from Santa Monica there, and it was a good Philly vibe.  Last night we just hung out here, tired and mellow and she took off this morning.

We didn't grow up together, due to parental feuding,  we are very different but were very proud of ourselves for getting together and getting to know each other in person. Since I've lived in CA, we've  grown friendly via email, facebook and phone calls, so we done good. I remember my dad hooking us up to be penpals when were really little after her father, his brother died, very young. Sad.

At the game I met an adorable  woman who is part of the Assyrian clan in a town called Turlock. We always knew Assyrians were there and my mom had some distant people there but never hooked up.

S___ the woman I met at the game (because we had my cousin's cousin's season tx , who sits with S___'s dad who is the link) and my cuz and myself became FB friends then she hooked us up with her parents.

I wrote her father today after talking to my mom and getting some names and he is just the sweetest man. I could feel the love, I know where S____ gets her friendly lovely side. Plus I like the fact that she tried to pick up Barry Zito. Too fabulous. Her father knows and/or knew some of our folk.  At some point my mom's dad considered moving there but didn't, they stayed in Philly. I look forward to going out there soon, apparently there is a very big community there and that's something I didn't grow up with.

Tomorrow is Monday. Sigh. I've had many days of goofing off and fun. I'm picking up a bike rack for my rental car tomorrow, $10 from craigslist. I'll reserve my car tomorrow too. Bank, errands and I have to start hemming and gluing, and make my list of essentials I need to start gathering for the awesome sojourn to the desert.

Of course I'll be checking craiglist & the other sites every couple hours for job listings and accepting all the goodies the day brings.

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