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I'm so up and down lately. I believe it's all job related or lack of job related. I've had nibbles the last few days which is encouraging and I'm about to go on vacation anyway, but still...

I did no yoga, no crunches, no dance today but did walk to the post office and mailed a dress I sold on ebay, then to Trader Joe's and Walgreens for stuff and then home. But then I took a long nap. I guess stress will do that to you. And what's wrong with sleeping I ask myself? I'm not lazy, I stay busy all day, it's exhausting. I'm stressed, I accept it.

Seeing my friend tomorrow, the best thing that happened at my last job, I made a true beautiful friend.

This afternoon I practiced gluing crystal jewels on my eyelids, looked great, very tricky to apply. I need to examine more types of eyelash glue. The one I got had no applicator, I used an old but never used small eye make-up brush.

I got a lot of work done on my clothes this week. Glued flat back rhinestones and blue & green seaglass on my black cami, they look good. My theme is ocean,waves, seaweed with blooms, sun rays. I want to add more to it and think I'm going to cut away a section of the part under the bra cups and sew in another piece of material, part of an old scarf or something. Still thinking.

I added two eye-let thing-a-ma-bobs to a skirt I love that I wore last year so I can tie it at my hip a little tighter. That was so easy to do,  I want to add them to everything.

The pink slip-gown has been punked up big time. It was long, with a handkerchief type hem, but now is short.  I sort of chopped it up and re-assembled it, I used fabric glue on it because the silk was too hard to sew. It's part silk, velvet trim and burnt velvet. The glued part is a little stiff, but I'm hoping to lightly iron it when it's done or soak it, not sure though, cause glue may lose some power, will research that.

The back of this work-in-progress is still up for grabs. I evened it out by cutting but need to do something to it. I have some light brown suede I may attach, just to the back. I could sew that. I could make it a little fringe as well. I don't know. I'm thinking.

I learned you can stretch clothing that you accidentally shrunk by soaking the garment in fabric softener or hair conditioner than laying it out flat slightly stretching it. I used clothes pins on two towels then ironed it. I did it twice. The little dress that got too short is back to a non-prostitute length in front, just short. I love the internet.

My two solar lanterns came today. I adore them. I'm going to use them in the house at night. I wish I could solar everything. I'm learning more about it. Two of the women coming to BM are bringing a lot of solar powered stuff. Beats kerosene.

I'm reading the last Harry Potter book - DON'T TELL ME HOW IT ENDS! It's a joy, I mean really.

I bought a lot of incense and sage today, most of it for burning man but am basking in the sweet curling smoke carrying my dreams to the universe for manifestation.


Namaste Dreamwidth friends


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