Jan. 2nd, 2011

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Well, if we let it, the twinkle is off the tinsel. 

The tree is either good humoredly wearing it's festive glitz for another few days although its branches may be drooping or it has already been stripped bare and abandoned by the side of the road. The irresistible warmth of the collective conscious is waning or gone and now we're in it. 2011, the future is here.

Let's hold on to the peace, love and joy people!  Keep it going, why not?

Tomorrow some of us will lumber out of bed and fall into the morning ritual of getting to work, while others will sleep a little later, lumber out of bed and force themselves into some type of ritual. I'll be doing the second. Ideally, I'll hear I have a job that starts on Wednesday. But in the meantime and if not, I'll have a plan for the day and be productive.

I think as time goes by, the fears we had are also waning. We don't need as much, we don't need what they said we'd need to be happy. Sometimes, I'll catch myself feeling happy and ask why? There is no answer it just is something deep inside.

I've been learning about my old-new friend with the farm. He has what he calls a yard hen who hides when she lays her eggs so they will hatch and not be eaten. (I didn't ask about if they get eaten later, some of the farm stuff I can't think about too much). I think she is very special though, she's evolving. This time they heard chirping, she had laid the eggs so deeply in the hay, that he had to take down part of the barn wall to get them out, they couldn't have gotten out on their own.  I think this goddess hen trusts him to find them after she has seen to their safe hatching. 15 chicks. That's a collaborative relationship.


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