Jan. 23rd, 2011

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I think  and hope I've turned the corner on the disease!  I'm finishing the pot of ginger lemon tea I made today. I had a couple bowls of this soup and made plenty for the week. I even swallowed some garlic, I forgot how good that is for you, I used to do that. I just don't want this to linger and keep changing symptoms like it has for so many other people. We'll see. I have energy at least.

I'm bored from staying in all weekend except for a quick dash to the grocery store today, bored from laying low too, I just rested and slept and read. I miss my yoga and dance practice. I stretched a little.

I'm communicating with my old boyfriend on how to best communicate, which I think is funny.  That's been interesting.

Wednesday after work I'm going to my park ranger friend's place (big place where she's staying while family is away), we're going to set the tent up and clean it on the deck and let it air dry. Then I'm taking her shoe shopping. Everything she owns can fit in her car. Her clothes are few and super basic and mostly for camping and backpacking. Her only shoes are sneakers/hiking shoes, etc. I'm going to help her find some boots that she can dress things up with. That will be a delight.

It got warm here. The birds are darting around and singing like it's spring. I wish.


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