Feb. 2nd, 2011

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Ground Hog Day! Spring will come that's for sure but I think more about the movie and the cult status it took on. Can you imagine living one day over and over until you get it? Or being able to recognize each moment everyday, as brand new and brimming with possibility for your highest self? And to be able to see the effects and consequences of each action and notice the details of everything and everyone?  That is surely the way to enlightenment. Be here now baby.

It's often so easy to go through each day, numbed by routine, head so full of thoughts that I see through that gauzy veil. Ground Hog Day is a good day to remember that each moment is happening now and has never happened before and I have the power, the ability to shape it and act, say and do what is the best and most compassionate. A great reminder to let go of everything that obstructs and focus on this moment in time.  Can't find your bliss? What is obstructing it? What are you holding on to that needs to be released? 

My tent is nice and dry, in a heap in the corner. I spent two days and nights putting it on and taking it off the shower rod, fan blowing on it. I'll fold it up this weekend. It's very unwieldy, like a heavy enormous fitted bed sheet,  but will be a nice little home in Black Rock City and a good tent to have. Room for friends.

I'm still galvanized by Egypt's revolution and their brave inspiring citizens! I think the best part of my current job is that I'm in the car at 7 am and can hear Democracy Now. It kind of freaked me out this morning, but it really speaks to me.  It is so exciting and thrilling to see people fighting for their rights as humans, as citizens of their country. They just keep coming, they're going to win, they're protesting  and risking their lives for themselves,  not because they were told to by their gov't. Power to the People!

The Middle East is moving towards their own freedoms. I read that since 1979 the US has sent almost $2 billion a year to Egypt which goes primarily to US corporations who make their billions on warfare.

This is an amazing time. Go Egypt!

"They say we're young and we don't know..."


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