Feb. 5th, 2011


Feb. 5th, 2011 02:21 pm
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Today I made the almost final step to switching from Chase Manhattan to a smaller state bank. I feel good about it.

At Chase, the banker who helped me was a younger guy, an Afghani who grew up in Germany, speaks four languages, nice guy, handsome and really interesting. He said his ex-girlfriend had been studying in Cairo, she is Egyptian and German, she just arrived back to the states. She was in a building next to the prison, on the day the Egyptian gov't freed prisoners to go out and beat protesters and paid them as well. The media called them pro Murback supporters for a while. I think most people know better now. She actually saw it happening.

I'm still fighting shadows of the migraine, I think it was all triggered by my congestion and the work the dentist did last week, making the mold of my upper teeth for the cap for the implant. You know how it feels when they pull off the cement filled plate and it feels like all your teeth are coming out? I think it messed with my nerves in that area where they were have been forming new pathways. My teeth have been twinging and feeling weird since then. And that I think triggered feelings about the assault. I've been very emotional and down. Next week the tooth goes on so hopefully that will be a positive charge and the only thing left will be dealing with the insurance company.

I'll start gathering all that paperwork up today, plus I want to start my taxes. I have no idea if I'll owe or they'll owe me. Not my favorite stuff, but they're both a weight on me that needs to to be done.

One more thing, I changed my LJ password and I log out after every session and haven't had spammers commenting on my open posts. It's kind of basic security, but it's working so far.

I'm taking a break now. Enjoy your Saturdays.


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