Feb. 7th, 2011

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Spring fever wrapped its warm nurturing arms around me and enfused me with so much energy.  I started out by watering my ficus who was starting to drop leaves.  I heaved the massive pot up a few inches and saw roots coming out of the drainage hole.

Not again! How big is this thing going to be??

After 2 minuites of research I decided to prune the leaves and then the roots.  I have gotten so strong. This pot is huge and heavy, I got it into my kitchen sink and started loosening the plant to find the root ball which was basically the size of the whole pot.  Dirt was flying everywhere, in my eyes, on the floor, all over the counter. I finally was able to lift the plant free and started trimming the roots.

The plant is actually several smaller plants sharing one root mass, when I bought it of course the "trunks" were as thin as pencil leads, now there about about 3/4 inch around.

I bravely and gently split the plant into two and left them in the sink. I had to repot another plant that was living in a pot that was way too big for it, to free up another large pot. I planted each half of the ficus into two big pots.

I cleaned up all the dirt and then had to figure out where to put two rather large pots when one was all ready too much. That's when I really got going.

Zim, Zam, Zap, Bip, Bang!  The ficus trees are in my bedroom now on either side of the window looking out. One on a former small end table for the sofa, the other on  former Target-build-it yourself extra kitchen space table on wheels that had just had huge plastic containers on it, for Burning Man.

Those containers went into the closet and my shoes sit on top of them nicely.

My Balinese bench is now a foot board for the bed. So the bedroom looks great.

I moved around the bookcases and TV stand and shelves to a new formation that makes more sense and is different and used two of my four trunks from India as an end table for the sofa.  My desk angles into the corner.

My bike is going into the storage unit as soon as I get a key. I have more room. My furniture is bigger than "apartment" furniture which makes rearranging challenging but I was on fire. I also discovered my avacoda had a root so I planted it and started a new one. Cleaned and mopped.

Put a little painted tiled bench that I used to have in the bedroom in the bathroom, fits perfectly and will store towels or toiletries in its drawers.

I found lots of stuff to go through and toss, I can't wait.  Lots of stuff for goodwill. I'm really tired of all the dust catchers. I have to think of something to brighten the long wall where the ficus used to sit, it looks a little drab. It's just a long wall with windows and those boring little white mini-blinds.

Quite an exciting day. I was bushed at the end and after the usual Sunday preparation for work, I soaked my feet. 

I had the superbowl on. I was glad for the Packers, I like that they're a co-op. I watched Lisa Kudrow's "Who am I?" wow, was it sad, but good.

And that's it for now.


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