Feb. 20th, 2011

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I love seeing space appear when you get down to a real cleaning-clearing out of stuff. Space in closets, in trunks, on shelves, on walls-- more air flowing, more chi flowing,  life's energy has more room to do it's thing.

Man, I have a trunk full of old pictures that will eventually hopefully fill photo albums for me in my old age.  It's a small trunk, but it's stuffed.

I think an advantage of living in small spaces keeps belongings to a minimum. And too many dust collectors is just  too fussy for me. I've never been much of a souvenir person, but I have some cool art and interesting things on the shelves.

I shifted pictures and mirrors today, cleaned out a closet, moved my bike down to the storage room and got rid of a few pounds of old paper. I have more to go, but it's all flowing now, once you start, it gets easier.

Soon I'll cover my sofa and big chair with something light, I'm thinking of getting flat bed sheets, something in between a cream and butter color. Shabby chic.

I'm also planning to lighten my hair. Big prep has begun, tons of conditioning, good trim which I have mastered, just a couple more weeks...

Spring is coming!  50th is coming!  Two of my best friends in the world will be with me, one from FL, one from VA. My birthdays are usually ho-hum, not a big deal. This one promises fabulousness in so many ways.

There was sun today. So lovely. I didn't go out except up and down the stairs over and over, doing laundry, taking my bike down, taking out garbage. But the blinds were wide open, the windows were open, light entered. Even though it was 36 degrees when I woke. Rain may be coming this week, but hopefully no week-long turbulent storms like last week.

Bon soir!


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