Mar. 9th, 2011

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This and that.

My first three days of work are behind me. I'm learning the system they use and it's ok. What I find odd is that the training is done by just one guy, the manager or supervisor. It's an awkward way to learn because I can't ask the other people there questions, it's all on him. I'm using his log-in, I still don't have one. One of the women there, told me she had to use his log-in for 3 months. When the system times out, I have to have him log me in. I don't like going to him with every question and I spend a lot of time trying to figure things out myself.  I'm getting a little stressed, I think I should have it down and be faster by now. It's quite different than the last one I used. At the same time I'm working on  letting it role over me and not stick to me.

I'm getting a lot of exercise. 1.7 miles one way, it's a good walk, I like moving. I need new clothes everything is loose. I'm pretending I'm a model, an old one.

'House' is one of my favorite shows. I thought the one on Monday was superb and heart-breaking, and very real. Of course it made me think of my last communication with my alcoholic ex. After my last email to him, I've heard nothing. I was truthful, but kind and would have kept writing him, just not talking to him. The hardest part of it all was in the beginning hearing that he was still drinking. On 'House' when he hid under the bed to scare Cutty when she got up was dead on, that child like behavior...

I wonder if my ex is  following the Charlie Sheen debacle and sensing how people see him. Although I have to say, I have been very entertained by Charlie Sheen's antics. There's only so much Newt, Wisconsin and Libya a person can take.


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