Mar. 29th, 2011

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Oh yeah, life! I love this-

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I was very honored to receive this in my inbox today, I must be very special. 25% of  $18.5 million, I'm set for life!


Dearest Friend,

I crave your indulgence at this mail coming from somebody you have not known before. I decided to do this after praying over this situation. You should please consider this transaction on its content and not the fact that you have not known me before. I need not dwell on how I came by your contact information because there are many such possibilities these days.

I would like to introduce myself as Mrs. Seri Mahmud from the Inland of Brunei, widow to Late Azahari bin sheikh Mahmud (Former Consular of the Brunei Embassy in Switzerland)... I have recently been diagnosed of Cancer of the Pelvic. I am writing from my sick bed in a SPECIALIST HOSPITAL here in Europe.

There is this Fund US$18.5Million Cash my Husband deposited with a security company, of which I am the next of kin. With my Health Condition and because my husband and I, have no child, I am looking for a credible person to whom I will pass the right of next of kin. This person will apply to the Security Company and request for the change of beneficiary upon my authorization.

This is on condition that you will take 25% of the fund for yourself, 5% used for expenses, while you will use the remaining 70% for the less privilege people in the society. This is in fulfillment of the last request of my husband that a substantial part of the fund be used to carter for the less privileged.

If this condition is acceptable to you, you should contact me immediately through my private email ( with your Full Names & Contact Information, so that I could put you in contact with the security company directly for the change of beneficiary of the money. I cannot predict what will be my fate by the time you will receive the fund, but you should please ensure that the fund is used as I have described above.  

I look forward to your earliest response.

Best Regards,

Mrs. Seri Mahmud


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