Apr. 26th, 2011

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Well, I didn't write last night, lost all my juice after speaking to a very nice woman from the IRS helping me set up my payment plan. The fact that my meager (to them) huge (to me) tax bill goes to defense galls me. And that is why people want to leave here, that and the challenge of health care if not permanently employed.

My friends recommended a new show to me, Doc Marten, which I loved, I watched that then fell asleep. So be it.

Another day. I find myself wanting to write more in here despite or in spite of the fact that it's just sort of my journal and a lot of my friends left or have issues with LJ or just are not interested in my musings. It reminds me of starting fresh with it. If feels like a personal blog instead of community of fellow diary writers. At this moment I'm fine with it. I'm interested to see what evolves if I stick with it, like the long long term LJ'ers and see if new friends appear.

I envy my friends who get rollicking conversations going on their posts and I think you know who I'm talking about, you. ;-) But then again, I like this public/private writing for now.

To the day! I supposedly get a new computer today after 2 months of working with one that is half broken, painfully slow and has caused much frustration. My immediate supervisor, I cannot figure him out. He treats women as a second class, some say it's his culture. A guy who came after me got a computer right out of "storage." For some reason I have been waiting on a rebuilt one. Yesterday I gave up my good naturedness and let my frustration show and out. My friend thought I should have done it in private, but there is no private there.It's cube land.  When I go to his desk, he ignores me or blows me off. And she had a public thing with him just weeks ago. Mine was quiet and honest. I came to this place to work. This is a HUGE international company. The fact that I was put off for 2 monthis is something I just have to accept. That new freakin computer better be there today. Otherwise I'm going to look as if I'm not producing or able to do new things since nothing opens properly.

Oh well. Sun for days forecasted!


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