May. 4th, 2011

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Here I sit at 5:45am, sipping coffee on a cool, as in not cold morning we're having a warm day today, it's intoxicating; reading news, FB, LJ. The muscle under my left shoulder blade is completely tweaked, I have a hot herb filled pad on it. I fell asleep on the sofa last night, gotta quit doing that. I miss my acupuncturist, but it's not in the budget. I can imagine the cups on that muscle providing relief. Maybe imagining will make it so.

Temping still. It's interesting that I'm in the same atmosphere, that of a department that will disappear soon and not knowing when your time is up. Since the pay has been low, saving has been impossible except for a few weeks of groceries.

Must. Have. Faith.

I haven't written or said a word about bin Laden yet. I'm not going to say much, however, my first thought on Sunday night was, why does this matter anymore? I didn't watch the news that night.

Monday I felt somewhat queasy at the mass celebrations of the reported death. I'm not defending bin Laden but something in me doesn't celebrate anyone's death, like that.

I wonder about the reports we're being told. Because I don't trust my gov't and corporate interests and I've read, in the past, much about this guy, the story seems like a good story, but it doesn't feel right.

I will basically stay quiet on this. What I have noticed is that many are staying quiet. What can be said? I don't want my strings pulled by gov'ts.

Back to the morning. I'll take my nine pots of fledgling hot pepper, dill, garlic and avocado plants out to the fire escape, they're hardening up nicely. I think the eastern exposure is going to be fine for most of the plants. The all ready grown basil is doing well. And I can see my forget-me-nots poking through, about 5 last night. My babies.

Today, this moment, is an adventure, I just have to see it.


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