May. 14th, 2011

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This past week I went out on Wednesday and Thursday to catch up with two different friends. My Wednesday night date was a newer friend from the last year and a half. I've mentioned her here. She is in marketing, is as green as can be, very active in her small community, travels constantly and has the ability and knack to bring all kinds of people together. She and her partner redid a loft with almost all recycled and all green materials, art, etc. We had a great time. I had a beer at a little hot groovy place next door to where we were meeting, it was just a couple blocks from work, so I strolled over.

A few people were running around downtown saying the world was going to end 'tomorrow' that would have been May 12, 2011 and they had jackets with that printed on them and were handing out pamphlets. I declined the handout and felt fine about things if this was my last night. While having my beer, I was chatting with the other bar patrons and told them that. Apparently the 'real' end of the world is May 21, 2011 or 2012. Maybe they just use all equations that are similar to the ?Mayan calendar to get everyone to, I don't know what. What do they want us to do? I don't want to even research it. I guess this was some break-out sect of the enders.

My friend found me and we went next door to a charming and beautifull Mexican place and had the best visit, great catch-up, laughed and laughed. It was a very in-sync time, good energy and left me feeling happy. She gave me a ride home and came up, took a book with her (Carter Beats the Devil) and went on her merry way.  She has another big project coming up that she may need some copy writing and administrative help with, which would be fantastic for me. I'm hoping. It also has to do with Native Americans, which I found very synchronistic as my thoughts and energy are going in that direction lately.

My Thursday night meet-up was with a friend I've known since my last job, several years. We're not that close and I had almost written her off, we've been up and down in the friendship arena. More times than I can count, she has made tentative plans with me then either 'forgotten' or is 'too busy' to pick a time to meet. I have to admit I don't really like this friend very much. I don't dislike her enough to drop her completely but once a year may be enough of seeing her. Is that weird?  Sometimes I think my writer's mind likes to stay in touch and observe these things that make no sense.

We were going to meet at one very hip place that is too cool for us, but the group I used to write for was having a mixer there and then we were going to a place around the corner that specializes in naturally made wines, some of them orange. Intriguing I thought. Again I walked from work and got to the the hipster place, obviously too early although after the the start time, they were setting up and no one was there. I didn't want to be there at all. I walked to the natural wine place and texted my friend I was there instead.

I had a very pleasant conversation with the young owners and heard about their wines and had a pale orange, floral yet dry white wine. It was different and delicious. I took a really cool picture of  my glass of wine, we became facebook friends and he wanted me to post it which I did. Then my friend came, and I swear the energy changed a lot. The owner kind of drifted off which was fine but notable I thought.  I think my friend had a wall up. She is quite knowledgeable about wine and I think she was a little stand-offish to the owner.

She just bought a very cool looking condo around the corner from me for a great price, it was a short sale, she's doing well at work, talks about her busy-ness like it's a handicap, like she has done since I first met her,  I said, just accept it, you like to do a lot of different things, you're an extrovert.  She said, I know I know. We did have a pleasant time, but about half way through I felt uneasy, it isn't a true friendship I think. I think there is a lot of work baggage in there, we didn't discuss much at all about work which was nice, she told me a few present day stories that were fun and gossipy. At the end of that night, I felt a sense of unease, like things didn't go well, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

I guess the point of this, because it may be hard to figure out what the hell I'm trying to say, is that our associations with people can be very different and based on how much we're craving some company, people find us or we find them and then its an hour or two of our lives.

All in all it was a social little week for me and I enjoyed myself and my observations.


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