May. 27th, 2011

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3 day weekend right around the corner, bliss! Even a day with no pay, it's just a form of energy and I have energy. I so look forward to my rolled up baggy jeans and braids.

The last few months I've been struggling with my lightened hair, wanting it to work. It wasn't working. My hair is just too coarse to be stripped down that much and it was more strawberry dark blondish than dark blondish and strawberry doesn't work for me. It felt good, and the grays blended nicely, but  it was frizzy cause I stopped using heat on it except for very light maintenance.

Yesterday, I couldn't take it anymore. I could barely get through my 8 hours of work without sprinting to Walgreens and then home. I waited like a good worker bee.  Last night  I put one shade darker on it and what a difference. It's shiny and smooth and vibrant with highlights. I have brown hair. And I love it. This lightening escapade was a long 3 month experiment.

But I have always been like this with my hair. I'll get a whim and I must change it immediatly. I should list all my hair adventures and catastrophes one day. I half expected to see half of it go down the drain with the color last night, but no, I still have a thick head of hair. If that had happened, I would have gotten a snappy very short cut and wigs. Really. I had short hair once, it was the cutest cut, but I need my long hair. Native American women believe their long hair holds their traditions and wisdom. I get that. I'm using a new fancy shampoo called Wen that is very dreamy so I do take good care when not performing chemistry experiments on it.

The wind was whipping around beautifully yesterday but I didn't want to mention it as a glorious thing on FB because of all the catastrophic tornadoes (is there really an 'e' in that, no time to look up). It felt wrong to write about, but I sat outside on my break and could feel the cold wind blowing through me and out the back. I always think of it like cleaning me out, and seeing my bones white and clean and pure.

For the potluck today, I bought Lacey cookies from Whole Foods and I'm giving the woman a card. Tomorrow I'm going to a workshop given by two women, one is my Sufi teacher and treasured friend, the other is her artist and writer friend from Amsterdam. It's about living joyfully and beautifully and richly, no matter what is or isn't in your bank account. It's going to be cool.

Happy Friday!


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