Jun. 5th, 2011

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Sunday nights make me feel like a programmed brainwashed enslaved person. After all these years, I still fight Sunday night but Sunday night always wins. I can eat too much, stay up too late, drink too much, blow off chores, but when Monday morning comes and the alarm goes off, the program kicks right in regardless of  lack of sleep, heavy stomach and the clutter that didn't get cleared.

What if....what if when the Europeans sailed here they were delighted with the way of the Natives? What if they didn't make the land grab? What if this was a nation that treated the earth like our mother, learned to read and observe the natural world, respected medicine and magic and ancestry? I know it wouldn't be a perfect world but it would be a richer world, a world of many dimensions....

I guess humans were programmed to fight and grab and envy and fear. I just really hate Sunday nights. They diminish for me what could be. But I'm here and I will stay up late and I will drink another glass of wine. Fuck 'em.


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