Jun. 29th, 2011

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I work with an asshole. It's gone on for too long. He's not a supervisor or even a lead but he gets away with creating a hostile atmosphere because no one takes it up with the real boss. Except me. My friend is the other one he abused verbally and by facial expressions and all actions. We're both small with dark hair and older than him, not impressed by him, not scared of him.  Everyone in my area was aware he was treating me like crap-the other temps im'ed each other about it. But it was accepted. I asked myself, why am I here again? I've done nothing to this guy, am I up against my karma and once I solve this situation I'm done?

After a few weeks, 2 in my group urged me to talk to the real boss, which I did. My attitude was light but serious, like what is this guy's problem, it's not acceptable. Boss agreed, said he'd try to be out in our area more, there would be no repercussions, he seemed surprised it had gone on from day 1. He said he would talk to the asshole and check back with me in a couple weeks.

The situation got a little better and when asshole started up, I just kept giving it right back to him. But I don't want to have to do this. I don't want to have to defend and fight. It triggers me up and I get very agitated when it's done and sometimes emotional. Sometimes I can be funny about it. Not today; it happened again, he was completely out of line and one of my friends im'ed me and said, basically time to tell the boss again.

This is the kind of stress that runs through my body  is the kind that can make a person very sick, all that fight/flight adrenaline pumping and then leaving, it's exhausting, draining and unnecessary. I don't want this in my life. I guess I'm still naive, I don't get why  this guy gets away with it.

So, I realize going to the boss again with this kind of crap is dicey. Boss doesn't want to hear this shit. And this time I'm going to use the words "hostile environment' and 'harassment.' We're at quarter-end close so he's extremely busy. I emailed him and he said this or next week, which is exactly what I suggested in my email. I'm scrawling notes for everything that happens from today on. Plus there are witnesses.

I'm "just' a temp there. I have the highest numbers, great accuracy, experience etc, fun attitude, get along with everyone. So, I'm literally at the point where I'm asking myself, do I quit and try for another job with the agency?  (I tried to talk to my recruiter, she's very young and didn't get it at all, they have a million people they can put in the job) Is the boss going to let me go? Is the situation going to change? I can't afford to not work. I don't expect answers to these questions, they are just what I'm pondering. If I find myself not working there, I will contact their HR department asap  and tell them everything that has happened.

We are going to ask for a meeting and find out from our real boss what exactly we should be doing instead of this asshole guy changing things up everyday, trying to grab power, have some authority, but he's not our boss. Oh and he's having a thing with a woman there and everyone knows about it.

Blerg. I really hope your days were much better.


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