Oct. 17th, 2011

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Amazing times these are. Americans in the street peacefully protesting corporate greed, corporate rule; fighting for their homes, education, jobs, a living wage, a place to peacefully assemble. Finally, Americans in the street. Watch the videos of peaceful Americans being beaten by cops while politicians rail against human abuses in other countries. Are you watching? Are you awake? Turn off the corporate news, log online and read what's really happening. Visit your nearest city's occupy home. Americans in the street.

I didn't think this would happen in my lifetime. Now I'm honored. My heart is breaking for the demonstrators who are being beaten and robbed of their essentials needed to camp, to occupy. But I also know, because I've been there, that their humor, their will and their love is 'unbeatable.' Solidarity.

Amazing times. No job for so long. Living my life, staying responsible, getting to know myself, doing more with more people, recognizing and being happy with my own humanity, my own occupation.

Confusing and lovely times.  People walking into my heart. Me, actually being able to step into theirs.


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