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If I told you
that while I slept or
more accurately, lie in my tent
on sleeping bag,
pad and tent floor trinity
on the desert ground,
my body dusted by desert kisses
and calcined ashes,
once the bottom of a vast wet lake in which life flourished
and flourished life;

and that time evaporated
or elongated
ancient and present merged
dimensions expanded
and beings entered
my tent, my blood and soul


visitation )









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 In less than one hour, I saw a cross dresser, a hooker and a Marilyn Manson look alike today on my way to Pet Club, Borders and Trader Joe's. They weren’t where I would expect to see them.  So they popped at noon on Saturday.

The cross dresser was walking up my street, I saw her in front of my building. I haven't seen her before.  Maybe she's new.  I always feel compassion when I see what I perceive as ungainliness and awkwardness; I fear for their safety too. Hopefully, she was having a great day, reveling in her self expression, enjoying the most sun we’ve had in  2 weeks.

I could be wrong, but I’m guessing the next woman I saw was a hooker. Very sad. She had on a leotard, tights and 4 or 5 inch heels which is just odd no matter what the occaison. No make up.  I can guess where she was heading; she was walking on a sidewalk along a little connector street that attaches to a bunch of stores. She was in front of Pet Club and Office Depot and across the street from Babies R Us and Frank’s Crafts. I guess she had to get from A to B.

The Marilyn Manson homage was in Pet Club, just standing at the front, facing the whole store.  He had sunglasses on, which made him look as if he were staring.  I wondered if he was part of some type of merchandising gimmick at first, it was just so extreme to see him in this warehouse type store.  My friend later told me that he’s seen him there too, his girlfriend works there and he waits for her to get off. He was in full regalia, except he went for a natural lip color. I guess that’s his concession to noon on Saturday. I felt for that poor guy too. That is a lot of work to keep up with.

A surreal hour.   It felt  like a dream to me, with characters appearing, seemingly out of context.  I kind of liked it.





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