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Julian Assange has energized the part of my brain that thinks about politics. I've been following Wikileaks in general but am now fired up and amazed and grateful that they are telling us what really happens, what is really going on with the leaders of the world. Not just murky-wondering how-stable the person is that speaks about conspiracies, but making public, the officials' own words. THIS is how the US leads. Uh-huh, just as we thought -- but to me, even worse/better to know and have the light shining on the lies and games they play for power and profit.. I am thrilled to know. Power and profit.

I've read some great articles and interviews:  Noam Chomsky & Amy Goodman and of course the Forbes interview with Assange,
---to name just a few, if anyone hasn't seen these.

The outrage of the US gov't and the Swedish gov't  and the Australian gov't, as well, Amazon, Pay-pal-- the scare tactics they're limply espousing to us, the security breaches that will now expose us to more danger-- the voters, the people they control--I think it's too late. And how does this put us in danger?  You control people by fear, you have to lie to keep people afraid, we know that.  It's like the movie The Truman Show,  , I want to know, I want to get out of this box.

All parties want to know this stuff. I think Julian Assange is brilliant, the fact that he's sexy too, well, that is the buttered crumb topping on the coffee cake. In my humble opinion, Julian Assange IS the most interesting man in the world.

I think people are afraid to speak up about Wikileaks. It's a hot topic. On FB the 'followers' are an international bunch of thousands and thousands of people. I think this is the revolution. I don't believe the peasants will rise and march with weapons and overthrow the gov't. I too believe knowledge is power. Maybe this is really a start.

I'm not a hater of the United States. I do despise how it's been run.

Unemployment is higher than ever. The monkeys (nothing personal monkey friend) in DC throw tantrums, spit lies, blithely campaign to cut employment benefits to millions of people who will spend that money. Are there a few free loaders in the system? Of course there are. But, not the majority. It is insulting, demoralizing and frightening to have to listen to this every six months. Those of us who are working are working for much less. I have a temp job for a month making almost half of what I made at my previous job --and I didn't make much. After taxes are snatched out, it comes to LESS than unemployment, closer to minimum wage.

They sermonize about taking money that people will spend immediately, not even paying all their bills, just the important ones, juggling, because there is not enough money. There are not enough jobs. Health care is expensive. 800,000 cut off so far, millions in a few weeks,

And maybe it is a game and they'll pass it after they get a few more porky items added in. But they're playing with lives, sanity, health, children and lives.  But tax cuts to the wealthy, Awesome!

Go Wikileaks! Show me what the people are really doing that were elected. Running from the truth is not the way to live. Power to the Peaceful.


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