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I'm restless. Summer is definitely over, the rain has started. It was beautifully gray and wet all weekend. I had great plans but they were outdoor things and I cancelled and nested. I didn't go anywhere. Days like that, it's hard to notice time is passing because the light barely changes. I lovedthat feeling and cringed when I saw the actual time.

I had a long telephone conversation with a new friend last night, the FB guy. Since I don't actually like talking on the phone, this counts as  a slightly big dean, something that's moving. Where? No idea. I'm both anxious and calm. He's on a road trip right now.

I've been writing down some thoughts and notes for my novel writing adventure which begins in 7 days. I've been roaming all over the web reading about stuff. I've conjured up the writing class I took a couple of years ago, the teacher was really good. I'll use that class notebook of writing for notes as well. Tomorrow I'm going to come up with an outline of some kind, so I can at least get started. I'm excited about it. It's a lot of writing!

I worked today and have off tomorrow from the temp job. It was actually my idea. The cute out-of-controller seems swamped and can't seem to make a schedule for me. I'd love to know more than a day in advance but, whatever. There's a big boring tedious reconciliation that he wants me do, an internal reconciliation for this regional office. He just doesn't have it organized yet. So I suggested he get it where he wants it tomorrow and I'll come in Wednesday.

It's all well and good, but I'm not making enough money. That whole scenario is tedious. Bah!
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I signed up for National Novel Writing Month. I read about it months ago and thought I’d give it a whirl, simply because it’s different, challenging and there’s no judgment, it’s like one enormous writing exercise. There's all kinds of forums on the site for support and ideas.  It starts November 1; 50,000 words in 30 days, plot, character, conflict, OH MY! Anyone else want to play?

 I’m sitting here now typing about 3 words a minute for a little advance article for the news blog, looking at my notes, trying to be sharp, to the point, interesting, tight. I’m tired, I’m doing bare bones, so not into it and hope I have the energy to finish it tomorrow night plus one more.

 In a tiny sense, the novel (???) can be written wildly and freely, there’s NO editing. You do that in December.

 I have no idea what to write about. “They” say first novels are always autobiographical, I’d like to avoid that as much as possible.

 I am warmly and happily accepting any suggestions for plots and characters and conflicts. Really. Fire away if you love me.

 This weekend I stayed in, the weather was very cool and drizzly. I’m all ready booked for next weekend for fun days. Today, I worked half a day at the office, (unexpected) grocery shopped, came home, walked halfway around the lake and then trotted up and down the big stair case that used to be a flowing fountain 4 times, I think it’s one hundred up and down, and then came back the same way, the pretty way. That’s my new 40 minute workout when I want to push. I’m not running anymore though, it was too hard on my body.

 Then I did a phone interview, and am still trying to piece it together. Interspersed , I either FB’ed or spoke with the 3 girlfriends of my burning man camp. I tell you, it fills me with joy and opens my heart to connect with them. So then I emailed Illinois, just to say hi.

 Time to stop procrastinating and write 6 more words.

 Peace out.




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