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Here is Reverend Billy's (the church of life after shopping) post on the oil spill.

I like his view how common areas were eliminated in favor of shopping malls which served to separate people. That's why I've never liked the artificiality of suburbs and can proudly say I've lived my adult life not in them.

And now, so many groups are working to bring common areas back to underserved areas so people have safe places to go outside, exercise, garden and then walk to the store to buy fresh food. 

It did me good to read this tonight. Obama's speech disappointed me deeply. Pray? Sure, but he needs to take over this cleanup using BP's resources, he needs to make sure protective gear is issued to each worker, he needs to get volunteers mobilized and pumped up, he needs to blast through BP's spin of pretty pictures and clean beaches, and hiding dead animals from reporters and monitoring facebook-i(t did happen to me, I tested.)

It was the worst speech I've ever heard him make. It sounded corporate. Like a corporate commercial. Smooth, content-less, patronizing. And I don't appreciate the sermon. Wrong!

It seems government and corporations, especially oil, are in it together? Each does a little to make it look like something is happening? One is the villian and one is the protector, chuckle, chuckle?

Obama used to be a community organizer. What happened?
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I think Obama has shown great leadership in the last couple of days.  His speech tonight was intelligent, moving and showed great determination and character.  Health care reform is the number one issue in this country, it's what people want done.  I don't recall any action toward this since Hillary Clinton took a stab at it.  The idiotic hysterical "arguments" against the reform would be funny, if people weren't taking them seriously.  I am passionatley for the public option as well.  Why be enslaved to a job just for the insurance?  I don't know what coverage will be like, I don't believe that insurance is ever going to be perfect, but I do believe it will be adequate and most importantly it has to be available to everyone at reasonable cost.  I'm currently using a supplemental government insurance that I became eligable for by being a survivor of a violent crime.  It's working.

I admired Obama's speech to the school kids as well.  It's something I would have remembered if I were a kid.  That he can identify with single parent kids, kids who are different, that he is the first black president is an amazing wall crumbler.  Go to school, study, listen to your parents, do your best, know that there is a reason-that's pretty cool.

I also admire his integrity and poise.

This weekend is Power to the Peaceful!  I only heard about it last year, I think this is the 9th one.  The timing feels very right.  I saw Michael Franti last March, he's magic.


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