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Regarding the burning man blog post and the ephemeral relationships that are created on the playa, and then disintegrate in the real world…

I think burner buddies sounds too much like fuck buddies, but that’s not the part of the article I focused on.

I like how he says that there, we learn to say yes instead of no, but when we come back we start saying no again. I hadn’t heard it put quite that way before; I love that theory.

I think it’s true and I think the goal, mine anyway, is to keep saying yes, shouting yes, whispering yes, doing like the village people with my arms and making the letters Y E S.

Occupy Wall St. came at the perfect time of course. In the midst of actually being with the demonstrators, reading about NY and all the other cities, seeing the movement begin and then spread and spread and spread on FB gives me that YES feeling of burning man, where anything is possible, and the doing is more important than the outcome, just say yes and see where it leads, there is tremendous trust.

It seems to me to be the definition of freedom, of open heartedness.  A way to really live the principles we learn in the desert that seeps into our skin like the dust. It’s always a question of how do you carry that home, how do you keep all that fire and wind and dust and heat and love and YES alive in your heart when you’re slowly overcome by work or no work, money issues, health issues, relationship issues, life.

This is a really good way. My heart is in it for the long long haul, whatever happens. I’m drenching FB with photos and relevant articles about Occupy Wall St. I marched this past Wednesday at noon. We had almost 1000 people. It was great; down Market, to City Hall, through the Tenderloin, to Union Square and back to the Federal Reserve building. The cops cleared the streets for us. We saw people of every ilk, residents and tourists, every color, hanging out of buildings, employees in the banks waving at us. There was such energy.

Saturday the 15th should be huge. If so moved please share in some way whatever information you can or join or donate. I think most of us here are the 99%. Mike check.

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Some people will continue to say that marching and protests don't do anything.  Nothing will change. They'll say there weren't many people, it wasn't on the news or it only got 4 seconds and it's not in the paper.  Some people will continue to shake their heads sadly, cynically or apathetically at the state of the economy, the crooks in DC and still put their money in the big banks and pay their fees, the banks we the 99 percent bailed out-- because it's a hassle to change banks.  Some people will continue to say that Facebook is not for them, it's silly, they can't express themselves there, it's an invasion of privacy, they don't care what people ate for breakfast.  So they will not see how it gives us the power to be the media in real time and to share with the world information and yes, what I'm growing in my garden. Don't like a post? Hide it. Don't like the games? Hide them. Take the trouble to look at the settings. The world is on FB, face it.  hehehe

And honestly, how much of their life do they  think is NOT being tracked? Do they really only use cash at all times and store their money under the mattress? Do they care that much that because they click on a link, the ads will target them more specifically? Well, great. Maybe they've opted out. I gave up whatever I believed then to be private, when the gov't declared war on Iraq. I personally don't care about so-called privacy, I sign every petition I believe in and have for years.

I'm passionate about Occupy Wall Street and the movement that is building momentum. It's not going to stop. There is only a small percentage of people who don't agree with what the protestors are protesting. It's a no-brainer. We were robbed, stripped of jobs, stripped of services, overtaxed and we chase health care. Over 9% unemployment for how long? Tax incentives for corporations to outsource? There are not jobs being created. We are still being robbed and walked on.

I marched in Occupy SF yesterday, there were marches all around the nation. It's the second, I wasn't aware of the first one 2 weeks ago, but awareness is spreading. I'm spreading it. Maybe people have hid me on FB, don't care. The word is out. If no one speaks out, they win. They are 1 percent of the people, we're the 99 percent.

The unions are all joining, kids, seniors, unemployed, employed, black, white, brown, yellow, red, are joining.  I'm in for the long haul, proud of it, energized, in love with the people. If you've never been in the streets with hundreds and soon to be thousands of others, I strongly suggest it. The smallness gave it an intimate feel that the big marches naturally don't have. I liked that and will happily give it up too.

Small but amazing, empowering and adrenaline pumping. We started at Bank of America, marched through the Financial District, stopped at Charles Schwabb to picket for about half an hour, passed by Citi Bank, Wells Fargo, who are the others, all of them, then stopped to picket Chase. Who doesn't agree? We're protesting for the cops too, who were plentiful, but not in riot gear and I actually admired them in the lobbies of the banks where people entered. Must be hard. I did ask a friend if I could call him if I got arrested, you're supposed to do that. And he kept checking on me, which was cute. I posted as many photos on FB in real time as I could before my phone lost too much power. Me and everyone there.

People do have power. Not everyone has to march, but since everyone is affected, doing something is worlds better than nothing.

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I like, possibly love getting up early, for no reason. I'd like to have a reason, still on the job hunt. I can barely believe I haven't worked all month.

My bedroom window faces east which will now be a deal-breaker when finding places to live. I have a nice view of the Oakland hills and love watching the sky lighten gradually, from black night and twinkling lights and stars fading to deep blue, lit from behind as the sun rises. I can see the strip of light, usually pinkish as it rises over the hills. The pink is the least of it. I love the slow fade.

The job thing, geez. Fuck! I apply to several ads a week, when they're connected to a temp agency it's usually what I like to call a fake job. I humiliated myself and called the place I interviewed with several weeks ago. I noticed when I was there the guy was not very socially talented. I was very pleasant, asked if they were still looking, he said they were still recruiting. And because I couldn't think of what to say next I said something like, am I still in the running?

Brilliant. Obviously, no.

I went dancing last night again, I liked the music better than last week, it was a lot of mash-ups and had a more gothic, darker, sanctuary feel to it.  I felt really great. Into the 2nd hour, the contact dancers began getting to me and distracting me. They're amazing to watch, they do like a reiki type dance, almost touching, but not, winding around each other, then there are lifts, it's really cool. A lot of them do this. It's extremely sensual. Watching the dance floor, makes me feel like I'm on another planet watching people dance. Any movement will do. Some people stay on the floor the whole time. Others are jumping all over the place. So, towards the end, it's kind of hard to find a spot and focus inward. I found myself getting annoyed and also laughing at myself getting annoyed.

And then I got plowed into by 3 guys doing some complicated contact dancing and I felt like I went flying, I kind of rolled over another woman who had been dancing low, but I sort of brought her down. We were both laying on our backs and we looked at each other and held each other's hands, laughing, asking are you all right? Sorry, etc. She said she was happy to cushion my fall. This morning I realize I broke my fall on my right hip, ouch and then rolled to my tailbone. ouch.

After that I did some yoga, sat, then left, it was almost over anyway. I still like it.

About Occupy Wall Street.   I am passionate about it, what is happening and that so many are communicating. That's the beauty of FB. We are the media. Those in NY are there for us, all of us.  I want to be in NY. There is something happening in San Francisco today,  I'm fairly certain I'll be there.

Apparently the Tampa Bay Rays did something extraordinary last night, so I'm actually going to read up on that. I like sports as pop culture.

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