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Here is Reverend Billy's (the church of life after shopping) post on the oil spill.

I like his view how common areas were eliminated in favor of shopping malls which served to separate people. That's why I've never liked the artificiality of suburbs and can proudly say I've lived my adult life not in them.

And now, so many groups are working to bring common areas back to underserved areas so people have safe places to go outside, exercise, garden and then walk to the store to buy fresh food. 

It did me good to read this tonight. Obama's speech disappointed me deeply. Pray? Sure, but he needs to take over this cleanup using BP's resources, he needs to make sure protective gear is issued to each worker, he needs to get volunteers mobilized and pumped up, he needs to blast through BP's spin of pretty pictures and clean beaches, and hiding dead animals from reporters and monitoring facebook-i(t did happen to me, I tested.)

It was the worst speech I've ever heard him make. It sounded corporate. Like a corporate commercial. Smooth, content-less, patronizing. And I don't appreciate the sermon. Wrong!

It seems government and corporations, especially oil, are in it together? Each does a little to make it look like something is happening? One is the villian and one is the protector, chuckle, chuckle?

Obama used to be a community organizer. What happened?
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The world saddens me today. It's beautiful outside here today as Spring unfolds. Life and energy is visually in the air-the cool breeze blows in the hot sun, trees and plants bend and sway, pollen flies through the air, tiny golden orbs of life, small flurries of energy searching for a womb to grow. The earth continues to give herself to us, every season, no matter what we do. No matter how much we disrespect each other, no matter how brutally we treat her.  She blooms lusciously, generously, with no fear, she continues to just be what she is, a potent profound source of everything that is beautiful. And then she teaches us, as the seasons evolve, what life is, naturally. 

She doesn't punish us for fouling the ocean and murdering and torturing millions of sea lives. She doesn't condem us for fighting over her, as if we have anything to do with her letting us grow here.  We have this gift of being here to express ourselves for a number of years yet somehow for reasons beyond my poor mind, humans put their faith and appreciaiton to having things and growing their bank accounts to  produce things beyond what humans can consume.

Reactions must be as strong as hurricanes and tornedos and earthquates when a whiff of racism is signed into law. To protest loudly without fear against racism is the essence of "America" and it's the best part of humans. When "they" come to get people like me, I pray with all my strength that the protest is strong.  I have to believe that humans who protect humans from unfair, frightening and selective processes, cross all political parties.  I believe the same for those who cry out and fight against destroying our home, earth.  Politicsares just the infrastructure to how we live, it's the people behind the labels that feel and breathe.

Protesting a process is not affirming there's no problem. It's shining white light on how wrong the process is. Sometimes I think we've become so conditioned that we don't recognize that human injustice until it's exposed. Be thankful for those that expose it.

Thankfully, mercifully, leaders will meet and talk and negotiate and compromise on something to help alleviate the problem, and it starts because the protest is loud.  That's the way it happens. Funny how I have faith in that. I won't let myself go down that other path until I have no choice.

Thankfully, mercifully, there are people who will shout out.  What if they didn't?

Meanwhile, this moment, in a tiny corner of earth,  poison is smothering life in the ocean, because although it's permitted to drill for oil a mile under the sea, there's no procedure to stop or slow a disaster that takes place there.

Our lovely earth keeps turning.





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