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I really feel like writing about the court procedures this week and how I feel about it, but I don't think it's right to, in the event the case does go to a jury.  That sucks for me.

I interviewed a guy today who runs a program that trains youth workers to be wildnerness guides.  Really interesting.  I discovered the free app for voice memos on my phone is a perfect recorder.  Perfect.  Love my phone.

I got an appointment Monday with my therapist.  Yay.

Last night I took a pill to slow me down which it did nicely.  I just feel tense and edgy and grumpy and off balance now though.  Gotta be patient I guess.

"Foster the virtues of positive, calculated risk taking"  Bay Area Wilderness Training


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I testified on Tuesday. I’ve written, read and said that sentence many times since and it still seems surreal. I don’t testify. That’s something that’s done on TV.

I had a feeling about Tuesday; I felt like it was going to happen and had the adrenaline going. Amped up and wired in my head, body very grounded.

Me, my advocate and Jason had a pleasant time in the waiting room. My DA asked me for more details on my injuries. That’s when I learned that we had to convince the judge of the severity of my injuries in order for the weighted charges to stick. The charges are something like attempted carjacking and robbery with grievous assault. The grievous assault weights the two charges and increases the sentencing if convicted. If anyone can explain this better to me, have at it.  I’d prefer the charge to be attempted murder, but they’re put in order of simplicity to prove, from what I do understand.

Jason and I were nervous. We played a lot of Word Warp on my iphone. He was very good. 

He looked at it as an opportunity to tell the truth about what happened. He told us how he’s received so many negative comments regarding what he did, regarding safety and his wife and kid. He doesn’t quite realize the miracle that he is. I love when he tells how for a split second he had 2 possible roads to take in his head. One to help me because he couldn’t believe the condition I was in and the other to chase the guy. He saw there were plenty of people there to help me, no one was chasing the guy, and they were watching him run down the driveway.  So he chased him. I love hearing how furious he was and he was telling that to the guy as they wrestled around.

He wanted our DA to ask him how the guy smelled. He was disappointed that I didn’t notice any smell. I feel lucky in this.

I hope the gallows humor is coming through. We were laughing a lot.

And then it was time to go to our courtroom. We all used the restroom and I really started getting nervous. Very amped up, less grounded. I kept breathing very consciously.


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