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I woke feeling a bit blue this morning, in truth, I went to bed feeling a bit blue. I think I suffer from a feeling of lack, when good things are happening, I fear they'll stop. I see it, which is good. Because a lot of things are beautiful right now;  I'm a bit off balance. I'm not sure that's a bad thing though. I need my time in silence.

I meditated and did some practices and could feel strength pouring into my core. I just downloaded several new yoga practices, I may just do yoga all day. I've cleaned a bit,  done laundry, will chat with parental units, then get on the mat. I feel like being very quiet.

Yesterday I went to my neighborhood library branch and returned Jonathan Franzan's Freedom. What. A. Read. He is a brilliant writer. The library was closed due to lack of funding. The main library is downtown, but I'm not in the mood for the ugliness of downtown today.

After a lot of yoga, I'm going to start rereading The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano. That will keep me busy. I want to read 2666, but will try to find a used version since it will take a long time to read. Last time I read Savage Detectives I was transported, inspired, confused, entertained, renewed. It's an amazing book. Anyone read it?
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I’m reading “The Children’s Book” by A.S. Byatt.

What a treasure!

This is how I felt when I read certain books as a kid. Enchanted. 

I’ve entered a shimmery world, a world I wish I could read into existence. While not a fairytale, characters seem to exist in glamour, there are dark sinister fairytales within a more tangible story yet it’s full of ambiguity.The adult characters are trying to create a model society (Fabians), some believe in nature, animism, vegetarianism, the old fairy world, artistic expression and maybe free love. Secrets are just beginning to be revealed. The children are encouraged to run free and wild in nature--after their lessons. They're each distinctive, unique and real. There are masses of literary, historical, political and social references. Byatt is brilliant, obviously.

I’m not half-way through yet, but I had to make note of it here and recommend it to anyone remotely interested in these subjects.

I’m about to sink in the couch with it for the next few hours. Bliss.


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