Feb. 5th, 2011 02:21 pm
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Today I made the almost final step to switching from Chase Manhattan to a smaller state bank. I feel good about it.

At Chase, the banker who helped me was a younger guy, an Afghani who grew up in Germany, speaks four languages, nice guy, handsome and really interesting. He said his ex-girlfriend had been studying in Cairo, she is Egyptian and German, she just arrived back to the states. She was in a building next to the prison, on the day the Egyptian gov't freed prisoners to go out and beat protesters and paid them as well. The media called them pro Murback supporters for a while. I think most people know better now. She actually saw it happening.

I'm still fighting shadows of the migraine, I think it was all triggered by my congestion and the work the dentist did last week, making the mold of my upper teeth for the cap for the implant. You know how it feels when they pull off the cement filled plate and it feels like all your teeth are coming out? I think it messed with my nerves in that area where they were have been forming new pathways. My teeth have been twinging and feeling weird since then. And that I think triggered feelings about the assault. I've been very emotional and down. Next week the tooth goes on so hopefully that will be a positive charge and the only thing left will be dealing with the insurance company.

I'll start gathering all that paperwork up today, plus I want to start my taxes. I have no idea if I'll owe or they'll owe me. Not my favorite stuff, but they're both a weight on me that needs to to be done.

One more thing, I changed my LJ password and I log out after every session and haven't had spammers commenting on my open posts. It's kind of basic security, but it's working so far.

I'm taking a break now. Enjoy your Saturdays.
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It's Sunday night, the minutes are ticking by, the rain is falling, the temperature is dropping.

Last week was hellacious. I worked on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with a puffy face and sore gums, but the clincher was the sick headache and lethargy from the anesthesia hangover, the vicadin, the ibuprofen and the antibiotic. I tried varying combinations of the vicadin and ibuprofen to manage pain and sleep. I think I was dehydrated and still am but am forcing water down. I've been eating great, it's just what I do, but for some reason when I'm not getting much excercise it's super hard to drink enough water.

I gave in and stayed home on Friday, I slept until noon and had to drag myself out of bed and all ready had a bad headache. But I needed to get out. I hadn't seen daylight in almost a week. I made myself presentable and drove to a big thrift store in a seedy part of a neighboring town. It was either that or BART into SF and I couldn't handle that. I found 2 great tops for under $2.50. One is a brushed cotten creme colored blouse with widely placed red and brown thin stripes, flattering neckline, hits just past the hips with a little shirt tail, the other is a crinkly brown patterned blouse with long poet sleeves that go over my hands, a little hippie drippy, super cute. After that I plodded through the grocery store for supplies and then crashed at home for the rest of the day and night, exhausted.

Saturday was a little better. Same headache. I colored my hair, gussied up and went to Walgreens where I spent a fortune on mostly girly beauty stuff, are you getting a sense of my therapy? After weeks of consideration, I got the Oil of Olay Pro X starter kit and was sold on the first application. No buyer's remorse. This stuff is gooooooooooood! Then I went to a grocery store known for it's produce across the street and bought some produce and those Lindt truffles that come in a pack that looks like a candy bar but are 18 bite size pieces.

I came home, on went the sweats, gave myself a pedicure and ate the bite size truffles.

Sunday, I felt more clear headed and the headache didn't kick in until mid afternoon. I got up early, did laundry and cleaned up, talked with my folks and then went to a big shopping area to start getting my dry goods for Christmas cooking and baking. And bought the Trader Joe's one pounder of chocolate. My personal favorite. Then I got my hair cut and I really like the direction it's going. I got more layers than last time and envision a flowing mane of mermaid hair soon, I'll just add that to the manifestation list.

These things make me feel better when I am in reality currently feeling like crap. I needed to take care of my mouth, but this procedure came at a very bad time for me, it would have been so much better for it to occur in another year or so. It triggered sad emotions and depression, it made me realize that I'm not bouncing back as quickly as I did before the assault, that the physical healing is compounded by these feelings into a fat ball of illness, weakness, fear, etc. I don't think my body nor my mind was ready to undertake this, but of course I didn't have much choice.

Last night I did a few stretches and backbends and exercises. Today I did 25 minutes of yoga and plan to at least several nights this week. I'm used to taking a good vigorous walk almost everyday, being in the sunlight, breathing fresh air, doing a strenuous yoga practice several times a week-moving and breathing. I'm down again, I didn't realize I would be this down, I knew I was anxious about it, but physically I thought I'd spring back quickly like I used to.

After the assault, I had a knowingness of unbreakable strength at my very core, even though I was wounded. Intellectually I know that strength is still there, but I can't tap into it. I just have to have the faith it's there.

I know I will eventually. I know my strength and energy will come back, I know my mood is temporary, but still....It sucks when the things you rely on to keep you buoyant are not attainable for a time.

So, clothes, hair, products, mani/pedi's, cooking, all while staying in budget are my life savers for now.


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