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2010-07-08 11:39 pm
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The violence started as it got dark. The cops have been great, calm, serious, stoic, in my view. Arrested people as the vandalism started. It was started by the anarchist crowd. A Footlocker shoe store was the first store to be smashed in and looted. Then a bank, Sears, car windows smashed, fires were set. As of yet, no one dead. Some of the news coverage has been histrionic. All afternoon, certain news outlets seemed to want the worst to happen. One channel has provided very calm coverage. Love them.

It's weird to watch live. The vibe has been much heavier than the first protests over a year ago. Sirens, big booms of some sort of flash bang disbursement device. Little booms, yeah, guns? I don't know. Scary. For hours now. The helicopters left when it got dark, which made it quieter, but I kind of wish they were still around.

I live about a mile from where it started downtown. (it started as a super peaceful demonstration). The vibe is distressing. I've been amped up since about 4. Lots of triggers. I feel almost completely undone. I'll be up all night. It almost feels like a duty.

I've been emailing and texting with some people, but I don't know how long they'll be awake.

What is really fatiguing is that we'll go through this again when Mehserle gets sentenced.

There seems to be more cars going up and down my street than normal. The Whole Foods, was smashed in and that is super close to me, but far from the original mob. It gets scarier because it becomes less and less organized and predictable, people break off.

There are hundreds of cops in Oakland, they brought them in from other towns. I've been impressed by the chief, Bates.

My friend was on 24 east around 8 and said there was a solid line of cops driving in from the east.
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2010-07-08 04:22 pm
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Involuntary Manslaughter

I can't help but be shocked, I thought the speed of the decision boded more towards 2nd degree murder. It was on video for gods sake. My heart feels like it's bleeding.
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2010-07-08 03:28 pm
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Prayers for Peace

The verdict is in on the Mehserle trial, they're announcing it at 4pm.

I've been working all day, from the blue I got three assignments. I just cancelled my 3:30 phone interview. I'm stopping work. I know people are leaving work early to get home safely.

I'm lighting a candle and meditating on peace. Although I have to keep the tv on low.  We could use help if you so choose.