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Hellloooooo Dreamwidth!

I'm sure my first post echos many others here, I come from LJ. The last round of spam attacks LJ suffered the last week or so, made LJ basically unavailable. I still can't post pictures on my LJ.

While I think its pretty cool the Russians have  political journals there, utilizing free speech, poor little  LJ is in no way equipped to deal with the constant attacks against it. They don't have the resources to keep the site up and smooth. 

I've become very reliant on posting and reading my friends journals, it relieves stress, amuses me, teaches me things. I want to post whenever I want. I rarely prepare something then post. It's all live baby. Last week, I really wanted to post and couldn't.

So thank you [personal profile] dadadadio  and [personal profile] sharpchick_2011 for the code.

Much more later.  Peace out.

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I wish this day was going slower so I could sleep more. Maybe I'll be healed tomorrow. I'm constantly amazed at how we push our bodies to get to work instead of being able to optimize our health and take care of the cold before it gets too big.

I don't think I've had a cold or been sick in at least two years, I want to say three. A lot of people had a very lingering illness. I'm still drinking constantly when awake and have a lot of garlic in me, plus dayquil.

I heard it was nice outside today, I'm very happy for those who partook.  I listened to this today, recommended by a friend, if there are any Patti Smith fans out there, who haven't fled to Dreamwidth, it's really good.  (chuckling to myself)

I'm ready to go to Dreamwidth, say the word. If we want the style of LJ, I think it's the best bet.


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