Feb. 21st, 2011

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1. After I made up the schedule and emailed and faxed everyone, things quieted down promptly at 8am.

2. It's President's Day. Seems like rather a quaint custom than anything worth celebrating.

3.  It's not raining. I got a good brisk walk in during lunch, I don't have the day off.

4. However, all other support staff does have the day off, so it's really quiet here.  It was nice of my boss to let me come in, she had said she was coming, but I guess she changed her mind.  The social workers are doing their thing like it's a weekend, and the phone is not ringing. I've spent the day surfing the net.  I also made copies of my tax returns and pinched two envelopes.

5. Met a new social worker. Nice. Seems very efficient. I liked her. She only works nights and weekends, or holidays.

6. I spent a couple hours on discount perfume websites looking for my perfume which runs out on my main website shortly after it becomes available. When I got the alert a few weeks ago, I didn't want to spend the money. Of course it's unavailable again. I checked many others, all too much, none as good as Scentiments.

5. Took above mentioned brisk walk. Noticed I lost one earring.

6. Have read all the news. Wisconsin is going bananas!! I applaud their determination. Their gov has a lot of balls, can't see how this will help him. Poll after poll after poll after common sense says people want JOBS CREATION. What do we get? Wars, tax hikes, cutting social services, cutting education. The big "they" say the people want the federal deficit cut. Who does? Very sad. The Florida governor is a piece of work too. Once Cape Kennedy closes, I don't kwow what whill happen to my little town.

7.  68 more minutes then I can leave.  I'll file the four pieces of paper that need a home.

8. Not supposed to be on the web here. Browser is really outdated, I don't know if that's part of the 'stay off the net' philosophy or what.


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