Feb. 25th, 2011

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I'm not sleepy yet, a good sign since I've been mostly awake all night; I probably got 4 hours.

I start a new job some time next week. Thank you very much!

I'm waiting on a computer, probably accesses and all that.  It's downtown, I can walk, which is awesome since gas is almost $4 a gallon and rising. It's a long-term temp job that may turn permanent, either way, I can start feeling a little stable in that sense. Its accounts payable, it's with a national ice cream company, it's not something depending on the economy.

I'm working the social worker secretary job right up to the day I start the new job. They love me and want me to stay as long as possible. So there are no burned bridges.

Thoughts are swirling around in my head.  I can feel old thought patterns emerging like: what about my 401K, what about no paid sick days, no paid vacation days, etc., yet the good news is I have a job for probably a long time. And I do sort of like being in temporary status. And I do sort of like having someone match my 401K. But, that's life. I am flowing. Let it flow, let it grow as Eric Clapton sang.  I'm just dust in the wind, as Kansas sang.

 I'm aware and watching  all the turbulence in my head;  I'm observing my thoughts and not falling into them, a good thing. But they're still there. My body is really tense even though I've been doing a lot of yoga and dance practices, eating good, walking, etc., so I know it's my mind tension manifesting in my shoulders. And my back, from also (not) sleeping on the sofa.

My sofa. It's a big cushy one. Big back cushions that never go down because the cats lay on top of them and they pouf out. I'm small but still, I have a narrow amount of space to lay there. I keep meaning to mash them down one weekend. Not the cats, the cushions.


Other Big News:  Possible snow tonight at 400 feet elevation. It hasn't snowed here, that low, since 1976. Should be fun to see. What's beautiful to see is the green mountains capped in white. Good for the soul.


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