Mar. 2nd, 2011

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I'm so pissed off.

I was told last Monday  (the 21st, that I had gotten the new temp-to-perm job and I promptly gave a week's notice with all the agencies in on the news when I was told I would start the following Monday.

 Then Friday I was told my start date was hinging on a computer getting there, so I wouldn't start Monday.

On Monday, we hoped for Tuesday. On Tuesday we hoped for Wednesday. It's Wednesday at 2pm and no one from the agency called. Each day here at the current position, they ask if I'll be here tomorrow. It's hard to prepare for them and for me to prepare to start a new job.

Each day I've asked the agency, do you think it will be next week?Can you give me a start date? And they just say, it's when the computers arrive.  I have been cheerful and cracked jokes. The account rep named M. told me Monday that worse case scenerio it would be today. It is most certainly NOT today.

 called the woman I normally speak to, C. but got her voice mail. Then I called M. and another partner answered and she was bitchy.  I said to the bitchy woman I wonder if I could be called at a certain time each day to be told, "it won't be tomorrow,"  because it's getting awkward here, when my manager asks me if I'll be here tomorrow, everyday since I was told the start date was the 28th.

I had to bite the insides of my cheeks to NOT say: 
Call your client and get a start date when you believe the computer will there and set up so she (me) can give a proper notice and prepare for the job. I have to steel myself to NOT say, you gave me the wrong start date and you won't own up to it and you don't give a damn.

Because they are not doing this. She said she didn't understand. She just repeated the thing I have heard over and over that it all depends when the client gets the computer.

I said it would be good for me to know if it was going to be next week, two weeks, etc, because they are all ready looking for another person here. She still didn't get it, from my point of view. I said something like, maybe they (the new company) have more information and she went to the dark dumbass side and said, I don't think they're with-holding information from us. OMG.  I just said ok, very quietly and she asked if I wanted to speak to C, so I said yes.

She pawned me off to C., who is a better smoozer with the little people. I'm sure Bitchy is lovely to the companies. I know Bitchy filled C. in that I was antsy, pissed or whatever. I was all of those, but speaking very quietly and using all my will power not to tell her to do a better job of preparing workers for jobs.

I told her I think I annoyed the other woman. She smooth talked me and said "sometimes you just can't track packages, you don't know when they will arrive, we get ours at 10:30, I don't know when they get theirs..."  WTF?  Why not ask?

She said don't worry, they still want you for the position, we just don't when the start date is.

I'm so pissed and pissed I got pissed. Now they know that I'm pissed and not super calm and cool and ready to land in their client's office on a dime and I'm pissed that they won't admit they told me the wrong start date.

I think I'm going to finish the week here without another thought, even if they call and say the start date is Thursday or Friday, even though I'll lose a little money. And if this stretches into next week, well...I'll need some ammunition.

I'm all for flowing, but the agency has been appallingly unprofessional to me and it's just not right. But I need them.  GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


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