May. 18th, 2011

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This music and poetry speaks to me beyond the physical level, especially today. Which is now a day of alchemy for me, but really, isn't every moment if we just 'don't go back to sleep?' We need our reminder days I guess. As we get older we get more of them I think. That sounds right to me, less stuff and hot air coming out of our mouths and more days that make me remember what is real.

A part of me wishes I could stay home and write and dance and stare at the trees and the clouds and sun chasing each other in the sky, but I think the challenge is finding the magic and sacred in the everyday because it's there, we just have to see it. Let the bullshit roll where it may and stay true to that source of light deep inside our bellies.

Some of my LJ friends have left who walked me with me on my weird, scary and magical trip,  I have some new friends and happy journeys to all and love to all.


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