Jun. 28th, 2011

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I may be one of the last literate humans to figure out ebay, but I have. I've been trolling it for a couple of weeks now for Burning Man stuff.  I bought a skirt for $5 from a woman in the next town so she waived the shipping fee and I met her at a grocery store to pick it up. It was cute in the picture, a corset mini skirt. The top portion is black, down the middle and the skirt part is white and black lacy frilly stuff. The middle section has laces-the corset part. For 5 bucks I thought it would be fine but nothing special. I imagined a kid (20-something) was selling it. It was actually a woman around my age, she seemed totally cool, made me think of a biker chick and the skirt is amazing. Great quality, made in France, has some sparkle to it, it exceeded my expectations by, like, 300 percent. PLUS she added in a bra-top cami type thing that I think I'll be able to embellish with the east coast sea shells two friends are sending me. It will be challenging to find a top to wear with this skirt since the black portion covers the stomach. Hmmm. What...to...do................ ? ;-)

My clothes are really lining up. I went to the big crazy out-of-control swap meet on Sunday and bought 2 purse/pouches I can attach to my belt to make the utility belt. I also have a soft eye-glasses case that will work.

I'm eyeing a coat on ebay, they have tons, so I'm not even tempted to overbid. Plus my friend whom I'm visiting on Saturday, where we're going to drink and set up my tent and chat, has an old fake fur coat she wants to give me. All good.

Each weekend I'm doing something to prepare. I have another piece of clothing I want to dye and cut-up and alter, figure out sleeping bag & pad or air mattress and get one, heavier stakes for the tent, chairs, a cooler...What makes it all exciting and NOT easy is my wonderful but teeny little paycheck from my temp job at the biggest food company in the world.


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