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I remember Diana and Charles wedding because it was shortly after mine and I felt a kinship with her. Go figure. I didn't marry a rich prince who didn't love me, but we were close in age and newly married.  This wedding today did nothing for me. I know a few people who got up early to watch it on TV, I had no desire. Another friend and her friends had a party and dressed up. They dress up every week for some theme, like An Affair to Remember or this wedding and then post the photos on FB. Can you say overkill? I can and will and am.

The tornadoes this past week were almost impossible to imagine. The picture in the NY Times of that huge mushroom shaped black monster of wind and destruction was mesmerizingly horrific, like a car wreck. I couldn't watch all the videos. A good friend of mine is from Mississippi and Alabama and knows hundreds of people affected or nearly affected, who are apparently ok, but wow! What a swath of  destruction! What does that teach us? I'm not sure the people who lost homes and loved ones can answer that. But the rest of us are reminded that each day, each moment matters. With every step, we have arrived. I believe that with all my heart.

And life goes on, the animals gather their wits and begin their days, trees and flowers grow, people struggle to adapt, others feel blessed and guilty and the new reality settles in.

Spring is exploding here, cool nights, sunny days, breezy, flowers, flowers and flowers, pollen, and I love the sneezing. Why not? I felt like rolling around on the ground today, the street, sidewalk or grass, it didn't matter which, I wanted to roll around on the ground. People are laying in the grass everywhere like we're in London or something. More specifically I wanted to roll around and laugh with someone special. I've had a lot of fun the past few weeks, but things are quieter now. Too quiet. But. It's Spring. And that's the fever.

My garden grows. Little tiny dill sprouts came up. They're so thin, they were in the bathroom with the orchids, I did nothing special for them, no diy green house. I moved them out to my dining room table which is now my indoor garden, it gets flooded with light every late afternoon. The hot peppers plants are becoming more sturdy, the oregano is doing nothing, the garlic plants are doing great. I'm waiting for the nights to stay closer to 50 degrees than 40 to move the stronger ones outside on the fire escape. There, I'm waiting eagerly for the forget-me-nots to push up.

I learned today that the department I'm temping in will be outsourced in July of 2012. It's not a surprise I just didn't know when. I keep reminding myself that I'm just a temp there, I feel worse for the permanent people. It's a good reminder to get my resume updated and back on the sites. I have no idea how long I'll be there. I am stressed about work and money, money and work, I just try to let it flow out.

Today when I got home, I got all comfy on the sofa with my laptop and phone. I keep looking at the apartments in Taos and Santa Fe, they are so cute and so so SO much cheaper than here. Adobe style, different flooring, I think part of me is all ready there!  I don't see a lot of jobs listed. It will happen though, I'm waiting for the plan because the intention is set.

Lake Merritt ducks watching the morning's activities-

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Alot of people in my circles are talking about moving, people are on the move. Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Central America, for living & working and retiring. I'm still researching and visualizing Taos, New Mexico, I want to be there for awhile and then I can see myself leaving the country to retire or semi-retire, you generally need a little chunk to be let in.  It will be nice to have friends everywhere.

Home from work for a few minutes now. I want to do an hour or so of yoga and belly dance, then chill and write some. I want to complete a short short story for my mom for mother's day based on: a dream she used to have about me that made her anxious but I'm going to spin it into something magical;  a story a colleague told me about her daughter when she was little and a family of raccoons I saw crossing my street a few months ago on an early winter evening.

I pretending it's a tiny NaNoWri challenge. Write a little in the morning, a little in the evening. We'll see what I get.


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