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Alot of people in my circles are talking about moving, people are on the move. Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Central America, for living & working and retiring. I'm still researching and visualizing Taos, New Mexico, I want to be there for awhile and then I can see myself leaving the country to retire or semi-retire, you generally need a little chunk to be let in.  It will be nice to have friends everywhere.

Home from work for a few minutes now. I want to do an hour or so of yoga and belly dance, then chill and write some. I want to complete a short short story for my mom for mother's day based on: a dream she used to have about me that made her anxious but I'm going to spin it into something magical;  a story a colleague told me about her daughter when she was little and a family of raccoons I saw crossing my street a few months ago on an early winter evening.

I pretending it's a tiny NaNoWri challenge. Write a little in the morning, a little in the evening. We'll see what I get.


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