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I’m so glad its Saturday. I got up early, because now I love to be up when it’s dark. I need to double, triple or even, more – hopefully-, my word count today. Everything is possible at 7 am with a cup of coffee.

Mersele got 2 years, one of them all ready served, he’ll be out in 7 months. I feel that’s atrocious as do most people, I think. Oscar Grant was face down with a big cop’s knee on his back. He could have been handcuffed at that point I in my humble opinion. Mersele wanted to taser him at that point, why? But he said picked the wrong weapon. Weapons and power. They say it’s all about intent.

The guy who tried to steal my car, then beat the shit out of me then ran off with my purse, was chased and taken down by a smaller man with no weapons. With help from neighbors, they bound his feet with a belt and handcuffed him, and had him ready for the cops. He took the deal and got 12 years. Five of those years were for something else they had on him that of course no one cared to tell me about. So he would have gotten 7 for what he did to me, halve that for “good behavior” and one year served and he’s in longer than Mersele.

The injustice is enormous. Most of the energy is being directed at trying to retry him I think. I’m not following too closely because of all it triggers in me. But my heart aches that this exists.

They announced the sentence around 12 or 2 I think yesterday. I kept checking FB on my phone, really, when you work somewhere where you can’t get on the internet, gotta have a smart phone, I didn’t realize the importance of that, because at my last job, we could surf freely if smartly.

So downtown Oakland emptied out. Since I’m working in a different town, we just worked. I ended up telling the woman I’m working with about being assaulted because we were talking about the sentence and how wrong it seemed. She grew up in Oakland. I don’t know if it’s the hematite or what, but energy between us is better. She asked if I wanted to leave, but I said no—(only working 2 days next week, things are dire!!) But the telling made me feel better.

 The freeway was packed; I got home in under an hour though. I could hear helicopters, but I shut all the windows and blinds (luckily it was getting cool and damp outside) turned on my Slacker Persian music station, did a little yoga, a lot of stretching, a little dance practice (learning to dance at age 49? LOL) I did my muscle isolations, practiced my arms, and then like I knew what I was doing. No TV, I glanced at some FB stuff about what was going on, and then ignored it. Around 8:30, I hit the sofa; saw Bates, chief of police make a statement.  They arrested about 150 people after violence started. He said they weren’t going to let them tear up our city anymore. I agree. I’m glad a huge police presence was there. Many people were able to protest peacefully. I’m staying detached. I think they said they’ll be more cops around this weekend, that’s fine with me.

I feel ok, sad at the injustice, but not amped up by the people who want to burn and smash up businesses nor by the small deadly army of police. When you see an army of well-armed police, it’s daunting. Some people say we shouldn’t live in a police state. I don’t agree with all of our police policies, but I do believe we need them. But I’m a white woman. I don’t know. It’s sad.

 Meds, meditation, sage, hematite, yoga, desire,  --I feel proud personally, that I made it through.

Today is a new day. My prayers do go out to all those who are in such emotional pain and I won’t stop.

 Peace people.


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