Jan. 30th, 2011

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I thought Steve Kroft's interview with Julian Assange was horrible, biased and ridiculous. Did you hear it? Assange answered pretty honestly and calmly. Kroft asked questions, or rather made statements like, "American" think you're trying to take down the gov't, you've broken the rules, "Americans are calling you a traitor," nothing about the millions of Americans and people around the world who support Wiki leaks or any organization that dare tell us the truth.  Wasn't that supposed to be 60 Minutes job years ago? I wonder if Kroft was embarassed now  that he's a corporate owned journalist and can only say this or that and slant it this way or that. What a joke. I don't like that that is the interview that mainstream America saw if they watched, older people who don't go on the internet much or don't have access. What a namby pamby presentation. Don't they get, we don't need their spin anymore? We can read really good informative articles now. We don't need TVnews. Sheesh. TV news is such a joke.

Yesterday was brutal. I woke with a migraine which is not a good sign. I was pretty much down for the whole day, couldn't keep anything down, slept, waiting for time to pass. By 6, my body started coming back, ate a little, slept good, woke up early today because all I did was sleep on Saturday.

So today was overdrive. 3 loads of laundry, went and picked up my wet tent, ran errands, came home, talked to the folks, made a big batch off spicy butternut squash peanut soup for the week, and just wanted to update a little. I'll be in bed by nine. I apparently have the 3-4 week bug that is plaguing so many. I did a very gently yoga session and I'm done now.

I secured the tent on the fire escape while it was sunny and super windy for a few hours, it's now over my shower curtain rod with a fan blowing on it. I think it will dry out all right. So cumbersome though.

Fast weekend. I did have some fascinating dreams during the hours when I couldn't move and last night.So trippy and living in a new dimension.

Still reading everything I can on Egypt. I read a guy's report, he arrived there on Saturday, it was a great article. He said they were chanting: Muslims, Christians, We are all Egyptians.

My heart and support is with them. If they can do that...what else is possible?


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