Apr. 6th, 2011

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Although it didn't happen this morning (due to a wee bit too much wine last night) I'm determined to write every/most mornings and have a few ideas for a new blog that will at least satisfy me and stretch my writing muscles.

Yesterday morning while walking to work I saw ahead of me a bird, not a goose, not a duck, not a gull, but a wild turkey leaving the park and lake quickly and attempting to cross the wide busy street. Wild turkeys on this side of the hills are RARE, I think he was lost, I've never seen one here.  There's plenty in the valley. I was amazed. I quickened my pace to catch up to it to herd it back to the park, but it was speedy and crossed the street safely, running! What kind of omen was that?? I hope he found his mates.

I posted it on FB and a friend commented and then later, Jason, my strange and beautiful soulmate in Canada wrote and said he saw a turkey yesterday too. "Coincidence?" he wrote.

I was floored and happy. The turkey actually ran towards his old street. We still have our synchronicity, I wonder what the message is other than making me happy.

I went out with a good friend last night. We caught up on all kinds of things, I told her my New Mexico plans, she was into it, she loves the area I'm considering. The bartender was very interesting and had all these quiet yet pertinent and almost amazing things to say each time he politely came to our table. He's very different looking, not my usual type but he fascinated both of us. There was definitely some flirting going on. I gave him my number. What the hell?  His name is Cimarron, which I thought was a lovely name. He's Native American plus Irish I think he said. I looked up his name and it's a town and river in New Mexico.

It feels like my steps are going in the right direction despite moods and worldly chaos. Hella cool.


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