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Now that I'm writing for a living, well, writing for a 'fantasy' living, I'm feeling some resistance.  I have a lot to do in the next week.  I've written 4? organiziations setting up phone chats, I have a big story to get finished by Sunday night (but I know I could extend this one, it's my story, a feature, no dates related to it)  a few shorter ones for the week and I have to go to a meeting Thursday night regarding Oakland's schools, the new superintendent is speaking.  When I come home I have to write it and send it.  YIKES.  My plan is to write the shell of it and fill it in. 

What's the resistance I wonder?  Writer's block? Took on a bit too much?  No money for it?  Tired from the high energy of the last couple weeks?  Interesting.  I know that as I work through it I'll prove something to myself, that I can have a full writing workload.  I'm trying out different ways to organize myself.  My  inbox is exploding a bit, I set up one file for stories, but I think I need more.   I'm using the outlook calendar on my laptop, and the calendar in my phone.  I don't like the outlook calendar.

If this (Please universe, please!) continues I may get a desk paper planner, but I'd really like to master the electronic ones.  I think I'll get a system down eventually.  Or not.  ;-)


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